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  • I’m Ben, the CEO of Primis Recruitment. I’ll keep it brief: Mark knows his onions. Went from 5km to a first half marathon in 6 weeks, time under 2 hours. Mark created a schedule for my week which incorporated varied running sessions, high intensity interval training (burpees, to be honest), as well as full on Muay Thai instruction. The cardiovascular aspect OXHU encourages to my training has been incorporated into an almost natural focus to any training I participate in.

    Ben Broughton

  • I trained with Mark for six years, which would ordinarily be an outlier for how long people stay with their PT but was par for the course with Mark. Mark's workouts were always challenging and varied yet focused on areas that Mark felt needed work. There were times that I wasn't sure I could do the sessions (see the infamous The Evil That Exists!), but Mark's sense of humour and positive approach meant I achieved more than I thought I could. Add in that Mark taught me Muay Thai and boxing, sparking an interest that continues today, and you could definitely say that Mark positively influenced me for the long term.

    Sam Pearse

  • I began my running coaching with Mark earlier this year, truly one of my greatest decisions! Mark is an incredible ‘no nonsense’ coach, just what I needed. New to running, I knew I had some challenges ahead, but Mark breaks it down to make it more manageable but always still challenging. He pushes you to smash through your own barriers, it feels amazing! I have since completed my first 5k running event, now training 10k’s and onto half marathons with my first half marathon event registration already in the bag! Mark really is an incredible coach and the biggest supporter! Couldn’t have done it without him!

    Sharon Paterson

  • I’ve been training with OXHU running for 6 months. I had signed up for the Edinburgh Half marathon, and within 2 months of training with Mark, I had a new PB and smashed 9 minutes off of my previous best time. Our focus was on physical coaching, however Mark at OXHU emphasised how important mental preparation can add to achieving success in events and overall wellness. I’m stronger, faster and sharper thanks to my new way of training.

    Hannah Reid

  • I wanted to share my experience of training with Mark. We started running and training together about 3 months after we met. I had run a few marathons before we met, but my challenge was consistency in my everyday training, I would ramp up for the marathon then not run for months, and so the cycle continued. Since I have started training with Mark, I have regular sessions each week which include hill reps, interval sessions, easy runs, strength sessions and longer runs, which now have become a habit. It has made a huge difference to my race times in all distances, and also, I feel mentally stronger and physically fitter.

    Jenny Armstrong

Training as an Employee Benefit

The positive impact of coaching as an employee benefit includes improved team dynamics, enhanced team performance, and fantastic company culture.

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